About GreedyTorrent

GreedyTorrent, the survival kit for a leech, is a freeware software program that can boost your BitTorrent upload ratio.

GreedyTorrent as well as this website was developed by Alex N J, a freelance software and web developer, based in India. You can visit his online portfolio at www.alexnj.com.

If you have any questions regarding GreedyTorrent, please feel free to visit the online community forum at forum.greedytorrent.com to discuss. Also if you prefer, you can contact the author via email at support@greedytorrent.com.

GreedyTorrent was developed in C++ using wxWidgets 2.6.3 library (http://www.wxWidgets.org), to make porting to different platforms easier in the future. GreedyTorrent was compiled using MinGW+MSYS and the installation package was created using Inno Setup.

Special thanks to Mr. Neeraj, Mr. Sajiv Vijay and Mr. Ejas Kasim for helping me in the beta testing process.

If you like GreedyTorrent and would like to contribute and support it, please consider making a donation. Click here to visit the donations page.