Welcome to GreedyTorrent, the survival kit for a leech. GreedyTorrent is a freeware software program that can boost your bittorrent upload ratio.

GreedyTorrent can help you survive on trackers that enforce a minimum 1:1 trading ratio, and can keep you from getting banned for not uploading. So how does it work? In simple words, it modifies the conversation between your bittorrent client and the tracker, suppressing the actual upload amount. Instead, GreedyTorrent puts you in control of your own upload ratio -- you can define how much upload you want to submit to the tracker.

GreedyTorrent has the following features:

  • GreedyTorrent is set-once-and-forget type software. No need of configuring it each time you queue a torrent file to download.
  • No complicated options to configure. The default installation of GreedyTorrent is configured to provide you five times actual upload, enough for the survival of a normal ADSL user. There is no need to manually find the hash values or to set tracker URLs, it takes care of them automatically. GreedyTorrent was developed with the beginner user in mind, with an easy to use interface.
  • GreedyTorrent generates no additional traffic. It does not run or emulate an "extra torrent client", and thus does not waste your precious bandwidth.
  • You can continue to use your favorite BitTorrent client, no need to switch to another BitTorrent client to use GreedyTorrent.
  • and much more...


  • May 14 2011
    GreedyTorrent reaches one million downloads. Thank you all GreedyTorrent fans and users! If you like GreedyTorrent, visit GreedyTorrent's Facebook page and spread the word!
  • May 11 2010
    GreedyTorrent is featured as "Editor's pick" at Software Informer with a rating of five stars! Head to the awards page for more information.
  • Dec 1 2009
    Dmitriy Pavlov wraps GreedyTorrent as a native Mac OS X standalone application with bundled Wine libraries. You can find GreedyTorrent for Mac OS X at Dmitriy's website.
  • Jun 19 2009 tests GreedyTorrent and issues a "SAFE TO INSTALL" certificate, guaranteeing that GreedyTorrent contains no viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans and backdoors and installing it poses no threat to the operating system.
  • Mar 20 2007 awards GreedyTorrent the "100% Clean" award, guaranteeing that it does not contain any form of malware. Click here to go to the awards page for more information.
  • Mar 15 2007
    GreedyTorrent gets awarded 4.5 out of 5 rating from Click here to go to the awards page to know more.

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