Features and advantages

GreedyTorrent has the following advantages over other tools that help to boost ratio:

  1. Unlike many other utilities out there, GreedyTorrent is set-once-and-forget type software. You do not need to configure settings each time you queue a torrent file to download.
  2. No complicated options to configure. The default installation of GreedyTorrent is configured to provide you 5 times actual upload, enough for the survival of a normal ADSL user. Also there is no need to manually find the hash values or to set tracker URLs, GreedyTorrent takes care of them automatically. GreedyTorrent was developed with a novice user in mind, with an easy to use interface.
  3. Unlike many other utilities, GreedyTorrent generates no additional traffic. GreedyTorrent does not run or emulate an "extra torrent client", and thus does not waste your precious bandwidth.
  4. Only one set of client identification and upload ratio are reported to tracker. Clients that emulate an extra bittorrent client have sometimes the disadvantage that two sets of ratio and client identification are reported to tracker, one from the utility and another from your actual bittorrent client.
  5. You dont need to stop using your bittorrent client while using GreedyTorrent. This has the advantage that you can download 24x7, while GreedyTorrent automatically maintains the specified upload ratio.
  6. The upload values reported by GreedyTorrent are no different than what an actual high speed uploader would generate. For instance, some utilities can increase your upload ratio dramatically by reporting a very high upload, lets say in the order of gigabytes in just one instance. However, this discrete abnormal value is easily detectable by an administrator. It remains as a contradiction to your normal upload, and is likely to result in an account ban. When it comes to GreedyTorrent, even if you are setting the upload as 50 times your actual upload, the ratios reported are consistent and continuous in nature -- it can only be inferred by the administrator as a high speed upload.
  7. GreedyTorrent does not generate any extra client identification, thus it cannot be banned by the tracker. You can use your favorite bittorrent client along with GreedyTorrent, the client identification generated by it will be preserved and reported without modification.

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