How does it work?

GreedyTorrent is implemented as a proxy for BitTorrent tracker protocol. It, once installed, sits in the system tray and waits for the BitTorrent client to make a request to the tracker. Once the BitTorrent client is connected and attempts to report the uploaded quantity, GreedyTorrent modifies the upload ratio to report according to your preferences.

GreedyTorrent allows you to be in control of your upload ratio. You can set it as a multiple of either your download or upload. For example, to maintain a 1:1 ratio for a poor uploader, a multiple of 1 times the actual download would be enough. This has the advantage that the torrent file you download always maintains 1:1 ratio, no matter how poor your actual upload is. Suppose you have a fair upload speed and you just want to double your upload ratio. You can select a multiple of 2 times the upload.

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