Installing GreedyTorrent

First, download the latest version of GreedyTorrent from to your hard drive. The package consists of a single greedytorrent-vxxx-setup.exe which performs a wizard based installation of the software.

Once you have the installation package downloaded and ready in your hard drive, double click it, i.e., greedytorrent-vxxx-setup.exe to start the installation. The installation wizard will guide you through the setup process.

Once the installation is complete, the wizard will ask you if you would like to start GreedyTorrent. You can check the box and click finish button to have the setup wizard start it for you. Otherwise, you can use the installed start menu icons to start up the software. By default, the setup wizard will use the program group 'GreedyTorrent'. Go to Start | Programs | GreedyTorrent | GreedyTorrent to start it.

GreedyTorrent sits in your system tray. To open GreedyTorrent's main window, double click the tray icon [G] or right click for a menu of options. You can also make the main window visible by right clicking the tray icon and selecting Show GreedyTorrent.

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