GreedyTorrent is a freeware software program that can boost your BitTorrent upload ratio. BitTorrent is one of the most efficient peer-to-peer application today, which employs a tit-for-tat algorithm to enforce fair trading. The protocol recommends to maintain a 1:1 ratio, i.e., to share atleast equal amount of what you download. The current implementation of torrent protocol is highly efficient and flawless except for the following cases:

  1. Internet connections that use ADSL technology, which gives lesser upload bandwidth compared to its download bandwidth -- which is usually only quarter of the download speed. For example, an ADSL connection that has a 1mbps downlink usually provides only 256kbps uplink. With such a slow upload, its hard for one to maintain the 1:1 ratio.
  2. Files with only seeds or number of seeds greater than leeches. Because there are none or less number of leeches to download data from you, its difficult to maintain the 1:1 fair trading ratio.

In public trackers that do not account for the upload ratio of the users, these problems do not matter much. However, often trackers tend to be strict in enforcing this 1:1 ratio, by accounting the user's download and upload data amount. In such a site, usually the user gets banned or the tracker discontinues to provide seeds to the user, until the user is able to maintain a 1:1 ratio. GreedyTorrent was developed to overcome these difficulties. With GreedyTorrent, one can maintain fair ratios despite the actual upload speed.

GreedyTorrent works by the technique of protocol modification. GreedyTorrent modifies the upload quantity that your bittorrent client reports to the tracker. The protocol modification is fully transparent, i.e., the tracker has absolutely no way of differentiating between a modified and unmodified report.

Using bittorrent technology is legal, however the materials you download with it may not be. Make sure what you download using bittorrent is legal. Respect the copyright laws and download only from the sites you trust.

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