Configuring upload ratio

By default, GreedyTorrent uses a ratio of 5 times normal Upload. This means each 1 MiB you upload will be reported as 5 MiB upload, enough for ADSL and slow upload users to achive a 1:1 ratio. However you can configure your upload ratio as you like and make it a multiple of your actual upload or download quantity.

You can even set values like 1000 times actual download, which would report 1 gigabyte upload for each megabyte you download. However, make sure you use only the necessary minimum ratio to survive. If you use very large multiples of actual quantity, it is highly likely to result in detection of the tracker administrator and eventually result in an account ban.

Some examples of safe values are:

Multiple of actual Meaning
1 Download Fair 1:1 ratio. Each 1 MiB you download will be 1 MiB upload
2.35 Download Double upload. Each 1 MiB download becomes 2.35 MiB upload
5.5 Upload (Default) 5.5 times your actual upload quantity

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